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Phone: (678) 515-6257
Address: Gainesville, GA

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Owner: Simmons & Creech
Phone: (910) 776-1531
Address: 5337 MM Ray Rd, Clarendon, NC, 28432

Dog Guard of the Low Country
Owner: Williams, Chris
Phone: (843) 757-3647
Address: 19 W Cedar Rd., Saint Helena Island, SC 29920

Dog Guard of Alabama, Georgia, & Florida
Owner: Feltman, Bernie
Phone: (334) 671-4108
Address: 308 Walden Pond Rd, Headland, AL, 36345

Dog Guard of North Florida
Owner: Alboher, Heath & Raeann
Phone: (904) 257-8317
Address: Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Training and Raising a Dog in Georgia

If your dog is an escape artist and consistently tries to escape from the yard, it’s your responsibility as the pet parent to takes steps to protect the dog from its actions. Installing a traditional fence isn’t always effective. A fence can negatively affect the appeal of your home, and if your furry pal is really clever, it might dig under the fence, learn how to open the gate, or just jump over the fence. There are many reasons why dogs escape, but while you’re trying to figure out why your dog is escaping, consider installing an electric dog fence. Georgia dog owners can save money by doing this because a wireless pet fence is generally more affordable than a visible fence.

What Is an Electric Dog Fence?

After purchasing a wireless dog fence, GA residents can rest assured that their dog will be safe in the yard. Our fully trained technicians will come to your home to install the fence. They will place a wire underground around the off-limits area. The wire will be completely out of sight. Your dog will have to wear one of our customized collars with a built-in receiver. You will have a transmitter in your home so you can turn the hidden fence on and off. The moment your dog goes in the yard, you can turn on the wireless dog fence. When your dog goes within three to six feet of the buried wire, it sends a signal to the transmitter, and your dog gets a warning stimulus in the form of a noise or a mild shock. If your dog doesn’t back down and continues to go toward the off-limits area, a slightly sterner stimulus follows. Often, this is enough to make your pet companion think twice about continuing its escape attempt. With an electric dog fence, Georgia dog owners will have more free time because there’s no need to consistently monitor your dog in the back yard. For a demonstration of our fence, watch the videos on our website.

What Are the Advantages of an Electric Dog Fence?

In addition to our products being economical, you can fully customize the hidden fence. GA homeowners who have flowerbeds can keep their dog out of them by installing the fence around it. If your dog is a puppy or has no experience swimming, placing the fence around the pool can prevent a lot of accidents. If you want to keep your dog out of certain areas inside the house or if you want it to stay in a certain area indoors, we also have an electric fence system available for inside the home. All of the corrections that your pet receives when crossing the boundaries are safe and mild but effective. Of course, the main advantage of having a hidden dog fence is the safety of your pet companion. If for any reason you’re not happy with the fence, we have a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Also, unlike over-the-counter pet boundary systems that you can buy at local pet stores, you don’t have to install our system yourself; our technicians will do it for you.

Is the Fence Suitable for All Dogs?

Dog Guard’s hidden fence is suitable for all dog breeds. When you purchase the wireless fencing system, you will have to choose a collar for your dog. Whether your dog is a runner, a hunting dog, or a large, medium-sized, or mini breed, we have a collar available. You can view our products on our website. The dog fence is made with state-of-the-art electronics. The system works on multiple dogs, so even if you have five dogs, if they all wear the appropriate receiver collar, they can all be contained within the yard.

When it comes to the safety of your dog, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your dog escapes the yard and runs in front of a car, you’ll never forgive yourself for not taking better precautions to ensure its safety. With the hidden fence, GA dog owners can spare themselves a lot of hassle and worries. Also, your neighbors, who won’t be aware that you have an electric dog fence, will be surprised to see how well-behaved your pet companion is while it’s playing and staying in the yard.