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Training and Raising a Dog in Kansas

Teaching your dog right from wrong is essential if you want to raise it into a well-behaved canine companion. Neglecting to train your dog is asking for trouble and can result in a dog with bad behaviors. These can include everything from soiling the house and destructive behavior to nuisance barking and consistent escape attempts. Although training your dog will require patience and persistence, there are products you can use to make the process a little easier. One of these products is our electric dog fence. Kansas residents can purchase the system and then train their pet companion to stay within the permitted boundaries.

How the Electric Fence Works

When it comes to our hidden fence, KS dog owners should look around our website to get a clear picture of how our pet fence works. We’re not talking about a visible fence that blocks your view and costs a small fortune to install. The electric fence is a wireless dog fence. When you buy our system, our technicians will first place a wire underground around the off-limits area. They will then give you a collar with a receiver in it that you should place on your dog. When the dog is in the yard, the wire will give off a radio signal the moment your dog gets within three to six feet of the boundary. The receiver in your dog’s collar will either emit a loud noise or a mild shock. The noise or shock will make your dog think twice about crossing the boundary. If the dog is stubborn and still goes toward the off-limits area, a second noise or mild shock will stop it in its tracks. Although this might sound harsh, our system is tested, safe, and veterinarian-approved.

Training Your Dog

After installing our hidden fence, Kansas residents will still have to train their dog. By training your dog, it will never have to experience the correction that’s given when the boundaries are crossed. Our technicians will outline the boundary with small flags. These flags serve as a visual cue to your dog and tell it to stop and go back to the permitted area. When you see your dog going near the flags, firmly tell it “No!” and bring it to an area that’s not off-limits. If you do this consistently, it will eventually learn not to go near the area with the flags and the hidden fence. KS residents should reward and praise their pet companion during play in a permitted area. Doing this will serve as motivation to continue the good behavior. After about two weeks of consistent training, you can remove the flags from your yard, and if your training was successful, your dog will most likely not go anywhere near the area.

The Benefits of an Electric Dog Fence

When it comes to the benefits of our wireless dog fence, KS residents will be happy to know that there are plenty. In addition to being economical, the fence works even if you have multiple dogs. Also, the fence is completely out of sight, and even your neighbors won’t sense that you have it installed. Your purchase comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. And the dog fence isn’t just to keep your dog inside the yard; you can also use it to protect flowerbeds or to keep your dog out of the pool. Simply instruct our technicians to create boundaries around the pool or flowerbeds. Dog Guard also has dog fences for indoor use. For instance, if you want to keep your dog in or out of a certain room, you can place the boundary near the exit or entrance to the room.

Regardless of whether you have a dog who weighs less than 10 pounds, a stubborn dog, or a hunting dog that enjoys running, we have an electric fence system for you. We have a variety of collars available that are customizable to the breed and size of your dog. Rather than purchasing an over-the-counter system that you have to install yourself, have our technicians do all of the work for you. This ensures proper installation and optimizes your dog’s safety. With our wireless pet fence, there’s no reason why your dog can’t safely play, run, and have fun indoors and out.