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Training and Raising a Dog in Louisiana

Most people view their dogs as members of their family, and most people want their dogs to enjoy life and have fun playing, like a dog should do. We all long to see our pets romping and playing in our yards, but safety issues often trump those desires. In order to be responsible pet owners, we must guard our dog’s safety at all times. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. An electric dog fence in Louisiana can remedy the situation without requiring us, as loving owners, to sacrifice our dog’s safety.

How Does an Electric Dog Fence Work?

An electric dog fence is a fairly simple concept. When dog owners purchase an electric fence in Louisiana, the wireless dog fence is installed underground around the borders of the yard. The fence requires a receiver collar to be placed on the dog to receive signals and corrections that are transmitted from the wire. Once the signal wire is buried, boundary flags are placed within the perimeter of the signal wire and owners walk their dogs around the perimeter of the fence, using verbal commands to let the dog know to avoid the boundary. Once the containment system is activated, when the dog enters an area three to six feet from the signal wire, an audio signal or mild correction is issued to warn the dog that it is approaching the boundary zone.

Is a Wireless Dog Fence Foolproof?

An electric pet fence is an effective solution, but there are some measures that can be taken to ensure that this option is as effective as possible. Having a battery backup can ensure that the fence works even when a power outage occurs. It may also be necessary to trim some of the fur around the dog’s neck to ensure that the collar makes contact with the dog if an owner chooses to use corrections instead of a warning alarm to contain their pet. Some dogs learn concepts more quickly than others, and it may help to understand how a dog learns before embarking on any type of training. A responsible owner must honestly evaluate their canine companion for trainability. Unfortunately, a dog that doesn’t respond well to corrections or warnings may not do well with a hidden fence in LA.

Are Electric Fences Humane?

Many owners prefer to use an audible warning instead of a correction to remind their dogs to stay within the boundaries of their yards. The warning sound is not intended to elicit pain, and it doesn’t distress the animal in any way. The correction used by the system is also thoroughly tested and proven to be harmless. The device is veterinarian-approved and issues a mild static pulse that is similar to the shock you might get from a doorknob during cold weather. Of course, the dog won’t find this sensation pleasant, but most dogs quickly learn how to avoid this sensation. The entire concept behind this system is to protect the dog without having to provide constant corrections. The dog eventually is trained to recognize the boundaries and stay away from them. Most dogs never sustain more than a couple of corrections throughout the course of training.

Why Use an Electric Dog Fence?

An electric fence is a cost-effective barrier. Traditional fencing often requires a significant amount of cash investment, and this method of containment isn’t always effective. Many dogs simply dig under fences or climb over them. Quite a few breeds of dogs are considered to be quite adept at escaping a fenced yard. An electric fence can’t be climbed, and since the fence is out of sight, dogs can’t see the barrier and they aren’t quite sure where its vulnerabilities could be. An electric fence may be a more effective option when it comes to ensuring the safety of a family pet while letting that pet experience the freedom of having a little room to roam.

An electric fence in LA can provide the quality of life we all want our pets to have without putting our pets at risk. Not having to worry about a pet straying from the yard provides ample peace of mind for busy owners. It’s such a relief not to have to worry about safety issues when it’s time to allow a beloved canine to play outside and get some fresh air. Considering price points, effectiveness, and peace of mind, a wireless dog fence in LA is definitely a good buy.