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Training and Raising a Dog in Massachusetts

Providing loving care is a major priority for Massachusetts dog owners. If you’re thinking of adopting a pup of your own, a good first step is to familiarize yourself with a dog’s basic needs for a healthy and supportive environment. Among other things, most breeds thrive when provided with ample outdoor space for play. Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, though, you’ll also want to keep your dog safe from outdoor hazards, from oncoming traffic to the threat of local hunters. Plus, in a relatively densely populated state like Massachusetts, letting a pet roam freely simply isn’t an option. If you want your dog to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll need to set clear limits on where it may roam.

Many dog owners opt to buy a wireless dog fence, also known as an out-of-sight or underground pet fence. With this type of wireless or hidden fence, MA residents can safely set boundaries on where their pets are permitted to play. Dog Guard out-of-sight fencing is dedicated to making it easy for dog-lovers to purchase the right fencing system for their particular pooch.

With an electric fence, MA dog-lovers can draw the boundaries on their yard, regardless of the particular outdoor space and of their dog’s breed and personality. If your property includes hilly or wooded areas, flowerbeds, or even a koi pond or two, it can be challenging to erect traditional fencing to delineate your pet’s play space. With an electric fence, Massachusetts pet owners can draw the line easily and cost-effectively. A traditional fence that’s tall enough and sturdy enough to restrain larger breeds is typically quite expensive. Plus, many dogs will simply burrow underneath it if they’re sufficiently motivated to wander. With an electric dog fence, MA homeowners can create a reliable boundary for their pets without any eyesore and at much lesser expense.

Perhaps the greatest concern for the caring dog owner is whether they can create healthy boundaries for their pets while still remaining affectionate and loving. As most experts agree, a cornerstone of good pet training is to create clear boundaries that reflect a dog’s pack-oriented psychology. With the wireless fencing system designed by Dog Guard, you can complement a well-balanced obedience training process with intuitive and easy-to-learn physical boundaries on your yard.

With a Dog Guard wireless dog fence, Massachusetts dog lovers can rest assured that their pet will learn what is “inside” and “out of bounds” after just two or three gentle corrections. The system is designed so that the hidden fencing delivers a pulse to a receiver, worn on the dog collar. Dog Guard’s unique system features three different receiver models, making it easy to select the right version for your pooch’s particular size and personality. As a result, training can go smoothly and quickly, with minimal nuisance to your dog. Plus, our system makes it possible for multiple dogs, of different breeds and with different dispositions, to each get the most appropriate feedback from the transmitter. As a result, each of your family’s beloved pets can learn quickly and humanely.

Finally, electric fencing systems are ideal for pet owners who live in private communities or townships with tough bylaws on fencing and other outdoor landscaping features. In many Massachusetts towns, it is well worth familiarizing yourself with local legislation before you erect fences or any other structures. If you own a larger breed or any dog that loves to run, it’s also worth considering just how tall and how resilient of a fence you would require to achieve the same security as with an electric fence. While classic white picket fences may be ideally suited to a Massachusetts colonial, the fencing that you’d actually require to pen in a larger breed is often much bulkier and more unattractive than many dog buyers first imagine. In these cases, you can easily make both the front and back yard part of your dog’s territory with an electric fence.

As the poet Robert Frost once wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” With an electric fence from Dog Guard, you can take the maxim to a whole new level, marrying aesthetics with practicality and safety with TLC.