Dog Guard of Northern Michigan (Hidden Dog Fence)

Owner: Morrison, Neil & Molly
Phone: (231) 941-2367
Email: info@dogguardmi.com
Address: 10261 Bates Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690

Dog Guard of Mid-Michigan

Owner: Christie, Mike Jr.
Phone: (517) 339-6604
Email: dogguardmichigan@gmail.com
Address: 4052 Pheasant Run, Holt, MI, 48842

Dog Guard of NE Indiana

Owner: Rexroth, Scott
Phone: (260) 494-9268
Email: info@guardyourpet.com
Address: 7525 Maplecrest Rd. #215, Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Dog Guard of NE Indiana

Owner: Rexroth, Scott
Phone: (574) 231-1331
Email: info@guardyourpet.com
Address: 7525 Maplecrest Rd. #215, Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Training and Raising a Dog in Michigan

If you’re a dog owner in Michigan, you are likely well-aware that it’s a fairly pet-friendly state that cares about its animals. Caring for a dog is a rewarding aspect of life that can also be quite taxing. One of the best ways to make owning a dog more beneficial is by training it. Training dogs can prove to be a difficult task, but with a few simple tricks, it can easily be done.

Something that far too many dog owners don’t consider when training their animal is understanding how their individual dog learns best. A major complaint among dog owners is that the dog doesn’t seem to want to listen to them. It helps tremendously if you consider putting yourself in the shoes of the dog and think about how your behavior would affect you if you were in its place. Dogs and humans speak two different languages, and it takes time and understanding to communicate effectively. This is why it is crucial that you consider how your pet views and perceives your actions toward it.

Dogs usually learn best by taking note of immediate results of their actions. If you punish your dog immediately after disobeying, it might understand. Likewise, if it is rewarded after doing something well, it will remember that that was a good thing and will keep doing it. Similarly to humans, dogs try to avoid bad situations and work to make good things happen. Make this apparent with your dog and be consistent in your actions.

Be generous with positive rewards when your dog does something good. A lot of owners prefer focusing on negative reinforcement, but most of us understand that positive reinforcement usually yields more effective results. Methods of focusing on teaching dogs what you want them to do as well as focusing on what you don’t want them to do, can sometimes work; however, anything that involves positivity and rewards will likely be more beneficial in the end.

Training your dog is a massive part of making sure your pet always behaves, but it also helps to ensure their safety and keep them near you at all times, especially in potentially dangerous areas. A great way to keep your dog safe and from running away from you is to consider trying out an electric dog fence. MI dog owners can benefit greatly from one of our wireless fences.

Our out-of-sight underground fence is an inexpensive method of keeping your dog happy and safe while giving it the freedom it wants. Our technology, approved by veterinarians, is a wireless fence used in collaboration with training. When you’re considering a purchase of a typical pet fence, you will find that with our wireless dogfence, MI pet owners can properly train their dogs how to stay within boundaries without harming them or chasing them around constantly. We use a simply wiring system underground that connects via radio signals to a special collar for your dog to wear that emits a stimulation when the dog gets too close to the boundaries you’ve set up. This keeps your dog from running away from you as often as well as keeping the dog safe from the dangers of running out into the street or chasing other animals.

When they choose to buy our hidden fence, Michigan dog owners find that they love our high-quality products. Being in business since the year 1988, we have advanced our technology significantly. With our products distributed all over the nation, we reach thousands of dog owners every year. Features included with our wireless dog fence include a T-4 transmitter with 32 levels that are adjustable depending on your needs. Your system will be encoded uniquely, which will ensure that interference will never occur.

When trying out an electric fence, Michigan dog-owners and -lovers alike will all benefit from it. The more that dogs are taught to behave and to not run away, the more pleasant areas will become. Try out our hidden fence; MI dog owners won’t regret making this decision for their families and beloved dogs in the home.