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Training and Raising a Dog in Mississippi

More than 40 percent of the population in Mississippi consists of dog owners. With the state having so many animal owners, it’s crucial that we all work together to make sure that our pets are well-behaved and don’t become a nuisance to your area of residence. There are a number of methods you should incorporate into your dog-raising that will help, including these helpful tips:

Train your dog early in life. It’s important that your young pups understand how to behave early in life because these are the years in which good behavior is learned the quickest and has long-lasting results. If you don’t teach your dog how to behave when it is older, it might be impossible for the dog to unlearn the bad habits that are already in place. Prevention is always easier in the long run.
When training, be gentle and humane. Using positive methods of teaching has always been more effective than negative reinforcement. Make training your dog enjoyable for both of you for ultimate benefits. Combine less exciting training like “sit” and “stay” with “fetch” or other fun games.
Indoor behavior indicates outdoor behavior. If your dog doesn’t listen well when you’re at home, it’s not likely to respond well to you outside the home, either. Keep this in mind when training your dog and incorporate indoor and outdoor training sessions.
Don’t combine commands. Combing commands (i.e. “Sit! Down!”) will only confuse your pet. When you train your dog, focus on one thing at a time. Two commands that are not compatible being used simultaneously will make your dog hesitant to listen to you in the future.
Avoid raising your voice. When you command your dog, try not to be too loud. It doesn’t matter if your dog tends to be a little unresponsive; using a louder voice will intimidate the dog and possibly make it frightened of you. Instead, your voice should be authoritative, stern, and calm, never harsh.
Say your dog’s name in a positive manner. As often as you can, use the name of your dog in a positive, upbeat way. A dog that only hears its name when it misbehaves will think it’s being punished when its name is called. Your dog should be able to trust you and should feel comfortable coming to you whenever it hears its name.
Consider your timing. Whether you need to correct or praise your dog, be aware of your timing. If you see that your dog is about to do something naughty, this is the ideal time to correct its behavior, before it has a chance to misbehave. Likewise, don’t praise your dog at all in the moments after misbehaving. You want to make sure that you provide accurate responses to actions and do your best to prevent what you can if you get the chance.
If you have trouble keeping your dog from listening to you or behaving properly outdoors, you might consider the purchase of a wireless dog fence.

DOG GUARD Out of Sight Wireless Fence

When you use an electric dog fence, MS can be just as safe for dogs and still be aesthetically pleasing without visible fences. Our technology is just what the pet lovers of Mississippi need to keep their pets safe and happy. We utilize an electric fence Mississippi dog owners will prefer over the hassle of building or installing an above-ground fence. We understand that keeping your pet inside the perimeter of your yard is ideal, although dogs love the freedom of the backyard. With this hidden fence, MS dog owners can ensure that their living space is mutually beneficial for their families and beloved dog. Our easy-to-install pet fence uses a radio signal wire underground linked to a receiving collar that keeps your dog from leaving the boundaries of the hidden fence. Mississippi residents should also know that the collar is comfortable for your dog to wear and the stimulation emitted when the dog nears the boundaries will not hurt it but will effectively alert it that it is getting too close to the hidden fence. Mississippi dog-lovers can trust our product to ensure their pet’s safety and happiness.

When people choose to buy our electric dog fence, MS can become a safer and more secure place for all dogs to live with their human companions happily. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.