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Training and Raising a Dog in Missouri

Owning a dog can be one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Friendly canines can bring joy to people and families alike. They can provide companionship, guidance, and even rehabilitation to their owners and can truly make a house a home for some people.

Having a dog in your household is a great responsibility and can be quite an undertaking for any individual or family. You’ll need to learn about owning a dog in the state of Missouri and the steps you’ll need to take to properly train your dog and keep them happy for years to come.

Training Your Dog

Training is vital to raising a healthy, happy dog. Teaching your dog to respond to commands will allow you and your dog to live happily together. It is important to start training early. Properly training your dog will:

Allow you to walk your dog on a leash with total control
Give your dog the ability to let themselves out or inform you they need to go out
Fix existing behavioral problems, such as biting, digging, jumping, or chewing
Develop a healthy routine of eating, exercise, and play habits
Create a lasting bond and loving relationship
Once you’ve completed training, reward them for all of their hard work and compliance!

DOG GUARD Out-Of-Sight Fencing

Give your dog freedom to roam about your property any time of day when you buy an electric fence in MO from Dog Guard. Purchasing an electric fence in Missouri gives you total control of your dog without having to tie them down. A wireless dog fence is completely hidden from view, out of sight of homeowners and neighbors. With an electric dog fence, MO children won’t run the risk of tripping and falling over messy chords or bulky boxes.

Dog Guard has been providing pet fence services since 1988 and has developed an industry-leading wireless dog fence that is immune to any type of electronic interference. Giving your dog an electric fence in Missouri is a simple process that is completely customizable. You set the boundaries you wish to contain your pet within. Your dog then wears a comfortable collar that will emit a signal to prevent the dog from exiting your yard. If your dog persists, a stronger signal will be sent out to prevent the dog’s escape.

Once the hidden fence is installed in your yard, flags are placed around the perimeter you designed. You can use these flags to train your dog on their new boundaries. Walk them around the inside of the perimeter and use verbal commands to prevent them from crossing the boundary. After a few days of initial training, your system is ready to be activated. Your pet will experience the reminder zone, about three to six feet from the boundary, where audio commands or a mild stimulus will be sent to the collar. After a few weeks, your dog will grasp their new limits and roam about them!

A dog is meant to be your best friend for life. Never worry about your dog escaping the yard again with a hidden fence: MO residents can purchase an underground fencing system and put their minds at ease today!