New York

Dog Guard of Western New York
Owner: Popovski, Sasko & Dawn
Phone: (716) 427-7377
Address: West Seneca, NY 14224

Dog Guard of Central NY
Owner: Elwyn, Jamie
Phone: (315) 696-1344
Address: 8053 Wise Rd. Manlius NY 13104

Dog Guard of Southern New York
Owner: Murphy, Matt
Phone: (917) 573-7062
Address: 3 Frank Fino Dr., Highland, NY, 12528

Dog Guard of Columbia, Greene, and Berkshire Counties, LLC
Owner: Bell, Justin
Phone: (518) 610-5898
Address: 2435 County Route 11, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Dog Guard of Hudson Valley, LLC
Owner: Arndt, Chris
Phone: (845) 527-2554
Address: 1 Thistle Drive, Montgomery, NY 12549

Top Training Tips from DOG GUARD

When using classic conditioning, an owner should know that positive reinforcement techniques are better than punishment techniques. What positive reinforcement means is that behaviors that are good are rewarded with treats, play, or attention and that bad behaviors are not rewarded.
Consistency is key with any training, especially when you’re training a puppy. Make sure that everyone in the family is on board.
Communicate clearly with simple, one-word instructions, hand gestures, or motions. Some dog trainers even like to use a clicker along with treats for an immediate reward system.
Always be the “alpha dog” and have your dog recognize you as the pack leader. Simply be calm and assertive.
Common issues like jumping on counters or getting into the trash can be solved with training along with a wireless indoor electric room transmitter.
Remember that if you’re not sure what to do, you can always call a professional. Get help before you get frustrated.

Keeping Your Dog Safe: When to Buy a Wireless Dog Fence

To help your dog get the exercise it needs, owners should establish a wide-open space with safe boundaries and train the dog to respect those boundaries.
Those living in confined areas like New York City should make the effort and time to walk their dogs in local parks on a regular basis.
Physical fences are great; however, be careful if your dog is a digger. Enthusiastic dogs can still get out. This could lead to the dog possibly getting into traffic or having bad interactions with other dogs, people, or wildlife.
Give your dog a space to roam in your back or front yard by installing a hidden fence. NY residents can purchase an out-of-sight, underground pet fence in large spaces to keep their dog and other dogs safe.
If you want to continue to keep your dog well-trained and safe in the state of New York, definitely consider purchasing an electric dog fence. NY locals can trust Dog Guard, as it’s a locally-owned business centered in Troy, New York. Since 1988, we’ve been helping families protect their pets, and today, we provide help and services nationwide.