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Training and Raising a Dog in Ohio

As Ohio pet owners are aware, training a dog takes work. Not all dogs are alike, and not all of them are easily trained. Some dogs are wild, while others are timid and easy to work with. Regardless of the type of dog you have at home, you can certainly train them in a few easy ways.

When you train your dog, it is ideal to keep the training session as short as possible. This is especially important if you are training a young dog, as they have short attention spans and will likely see training as more of a game. You’ll want to keep its mind stimulated by changing up what it learns every day.

It’s also a great idea to practice commands in a variety of places; don’t simply practice in your living room. Practice outside, on walks, in the garden, etc. This will get your dog used to responding to your commands in any situation.

If you’re concerned about how your dog acts around certain types of people, try to mimic the unpredictable behavior of others. For instance, children will act in many random ways around dogs. Imitate their behavior by doing little things like bumping into your dog or rolling toys around the floor, and if the dog reacts positively, be sure to reward it. This will help your dog behave around others.

You should also be aware of your dog’s body language. Because dogs don’t use a spoken language like humans do, they use their body language to communicate. Take notice of its mouth, eyes, tail and ears when you respond to it. You’ll be able to detect angry or calm moods rather easily if you take notice more often.

Also, don’t forget to be generous when it comes to affection when training your dog. One mistake many dog trainers make is that they spend so much time criticizing and correcting behavior that they forget to give praise. Your dog needs to understand that while misbehaving will bring negative results, behaving properly will yield incredibly positive results. Give your dog a lot of attention when it does things as it is told. It will make training enjoyable for both of you.

No matter what method you choose when training your dog, you need to understand that changing the behavior of your pet will take time. Be realistic about what you expect from training: If your dog exhibits a lot of negative behavior, it will take time to correct. The longer your dog has been acting in a particular manner, the longer it will take to attempt to undo it. It’s never too late to try to change the behaviors you don’t like, but it will take longer than you likely expect it to. Think of all of the habits you’ve pick up yourself over the years and how long it would take if you tried to undo everything you’ve learned. Putting yourself in the dog’s shoes is never a bad idea.

There are many different ways to train a dog, and how you choose to do it is completely up to you. One great way to make sure that your dog is behaving inside and outside of your home is to consider an underground pet fence.

At Dog Guard, we offer you the latest technology in an electric fence; OH pet owners will find this wireless dog fence incredibly useful when training their dog. Our out-of-sight fencing system is affordable and easy to install with our team of professionals. This wireless technology utilizes a small wire placed underground in your yard. This wire sends a radio signal to a receiving collar worn by your pet. This receiving collar will emit a stimulation as your dog nears the boundaries of the hidden fence; OH dog owners will appreciate that this collar is not harmful at all to the dog. It gives off enough stimulation so your dog understands that it is getting too close, but it will not be harmed in any way.

When you first buy your wireless dog fence, Ohio installers recommend that you start training your dog to get used to the fence by walking it around the perimeters on a leash and using vocal commands to keep it away from the boundaries. After it gets used to this, you can then rely fully on the collar to keep the dog inside the boundaries.

There is one big reason for implementing the use of our wireless dog fence; OH owners might not realize the danger they put their dogs in when they let them roam freely in their yard. Dogs can easily run off, get lost, or get attacked by other animals that are not trained properly. If you purchase our electric dog fence, Ohio will become a safe place for your dog to roam without being harmed.