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Training and Raising a Dog in Rhode Island

Owning and raising a dog can be one of the most important and rewarding tasks that you adopt. Part of responsible pet ownership includes ensuring the safety of an animal. Dog Guard provides an astounding level of protection with an electric dog fence. Rhode Island dog owners who purchase a wireless fence from us are guaranteed a safe and effective way to keep their pets close to home. With so many benefits tied to wireless dog fences, it’s clear why your pet doesn’t have to be tied down anymore.

The Hidden Benefits of Concealed Fences

One of the major benefits of installing an electric dog fence is that it can remain completely out of sight. Physical fences can be unwieldy and cumbersome. They can also require a high level of maintenance and obscure views. All of these traditional aspects of a fence are shuttered away when you invest in a wireless dog fence. Suddenly, a larger world can open up for you and your dog. Call us today to have our specialists arrive at your home and assess your property for the best wireless pet fence on the market.

Training a Dog to Love an Electric Fence

Accustoming your pet to the boundaries of a wireless fence can be a smooth, easy process. When we arrive on your property, we’ll assess your dog’s temperament and personality for clues on what kind of training program it might need after a hidden fence is installed. Generally, though, training involves just a few simple phases that include common habits and activities that pet owners already engage in with their pets. It all starts with boundary flags.

After we install your wireless dog fence, our technicians will place colorful flags along the boundary of your new fence. During the first phase of training, we encourage you to walk your dog on its leash around the perimeter of the hidden fence. RI pets will have their collars’ receivers turned on to emit an unwelcome tone when they cross a boundary. A verbal correction coupled with praise when your dog withdraws into the safe zone ensures that your pet will begin to understand its new limitations. Three days is usually the amount of time that dogs need to adjust to the new system before they are ready to proceed to phase two of the training process.

The second phase of training is closer to the primary function of an electric dog fence. RI Dog Guard technicians change a pet’s receiver to offer a mild electric shock when it crosses onto an off-limits area while it is being walked. A consistent use of verbal corrections and praise similar to the last phase helps to ensure that dogs understand that the out-of-bounds areas are completely off-limits. For most dogs, the second phase of training only takes a few days to master as well.

The third and last phase of training consists of proofing sessions. In these, your dog is allowed to explore the backyard while off its leash. Dog Guard technicians use tempting treats or interesting items to try to convince your pet to cross the boundaries of a wireless fence. A ball may be thrown across the perimeter or a child may try to get the pet’s attention. If the dog does not respond to these stimulating objects, training sessions can be deemed successful and may be concluded. With consistent training and the prompt addressing of issues as they arise, pets can finish training in around 10 days. The high success rates and short lengths of training sessions convince many pet owners to buy an underground fence over other types.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

When you become a customer of ours, we make your happiness with our products a high-ranking priority. Our friendly and helpful staff is always on standby to help with any issues that you may encounter while owning an electric fence. RI customer support is available to replace any equipment that undergoes damage during use. Our commitment to your satisfaction and lifetime warranties on our equipment make this possible. Call us at 1-800-865-0495 to inquire about any of our products or to schedule an appointment. Learn about our trade-in program to find more ways to save on your new wireless dog fence. Rhode Island residents consider us the best in the business because we’ve made customer satisfaction our trade.