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Training and Raising a Dog in South Dakota

Many dog owners have searched for humane solutions to containing their pets within a certain perimeter of their yard. Many have chosen to install a conventional fence that greatly restricts the visibility of their neighborhood. Conventional fencing options require considerable investment, maintenance, and upkeep to keep pets from wandering off the property. They also do not guarantee that your dog will not dig a hole under the fence and escape to chase another animal or human. Many dog owners have decided go a step further by installing a wireless dog fence. Wireless dog fence systems create an unseen perimeter that your dog cannot cross into the outside world.

After careful consideration, many dog owners have chosen to go with a reputable, alternative containment system that will not cause injury to their pets, such as the Dog Guard out-of-sight fence. South Dakota dog owners can take advantage of this underground electronic fencing system that allows their pets to roam free within the perimeter of their yard. Dog owners can rest assured that their pets will not escape while using our wireless pet fence. South Dakota dog owners can gain peace of mind when they choose this affordable alternative to conventional fencing. Our products use state-of-the-art electronics and animal training to ensure that your pet stays put within the boundaries of the hidden fence. SD dog owners can also save time and money compared to having to maintain a conventional fencing system. In addition, our veterinarian-approved pet fence protects your dog from the dangers that come from installing a vinyl, aluminum, or chain-link fence.

Electric dog fencing may seem like a quick and easy solution; however, it requires training before your pet understands that it cannot leave the perimeter. We offer the ability to configure the perimeter of the hidden fence. SD dog owners can successfully train their dogs to stay out of prohibited areas in the yard using these configuration options. We install a thin wire underground that creates a perimeter around your yard that keeps the dog from approaching the hidden fence. SD dog owners simply attach a transmitter collar around their pet’s neck. The collar receives the radio signal emitted from the wireless dog fence. South Dakota dog owners should train their pets to retreat as soon as they approach the pet fence. If the dog continues to approach, the wireless system emits a correctional signal that typically stops your pet in its tracks. A Dog Guard out-of-sight pet fence includes a two-zone T-4 transmitter that grants dog owners control over the correctional output of the underground electronic fence. We also offer an RT-2 transmitter that is designed to keep pets from restricted areas inside your home. This is perfect for people who leave their homes for an extended period of time. Dog owners are responsible for working with their pets and teaching them what the correctional response means. Failing to properly train the dog with the basic commands can leave your pet confused as it continually tries to bolt over the hidden fence.

After training your dog the basic commands, you can start training using our underground electronic fence. We will use flags to mark the boundaries of the pet fence. Place your dog on a leash and walk it around the perimeter with the transmitter off. Allow your dog to become accustomed to these additions in the yard. After taking your dog around the yard a couple of times, activate the fencing and allow the dog to only go toward the barrier. Continue this for about a week, and then let your dog run free on a leash toward the fence. Practice this for a few days before taking your dog off the leash. Remember to reward your dog with a treat for staying within the perimeter. This will keep your dog from approaching and trying to cross the fence.

Training and raising a dog to stay in your yard with conventional techniques requires considerable time and patience. Dog owners may even need to hire a trainer to ensure that their pet obeys all commands. Depending on your dog’s temperament, it may not be easy to keep your dog from wandering off the property or digging into the garbage. Our system ensures that your pet stays out of the garden, shrubs, pool, and flower beds. Contact us at 1-800-865-0495 to find out about how you can purchase one of our electric fence systems. Buy your Dog Guard out-of-sight pet fence today!