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Training and Raising a Dog in Utah

Raising a dog in Utah, or anywhere else for that matter, comes with a big responsibility. In addition to ensuring that your pet companion is happy and healthy, you must also properly train your dog. Neglecting to train your dog can have detrimental consequences. You might end up dealing with an adult dog with behavioral problems. This can include everything from soiling the house and nuisance barking to destructive behavior and tendencies to escape the yard. Training won’t just make your dog a well-behaved canine; it’ll also keep your furry pal safe.

Setting Boundaries with an Electric Fence

It’s essential to set boundaries for your dog so it knows where it can and can’t go. One way to do this is by using a Dog Guard wireless dog fence. Utah dog owners can install an electric dog fence around the perimeter of their yard or near the entrance of an off-limits room. An underground wire is installed to block off the off-limits area. For the fence to work, your dog must wear a Dog Guard collar with a receiver in it. When the dog goes within three to six feet of the pet fence, a digital radio signal is activated, and your dog will receive a warning in the form of an unpleasant noise or a mild shock. If your dog is persistent and continues to go toward the off-limits area, a second warning occurs, which is often enough to make your dog think twice about going any further. When it comes to our electric dog fence, UT residents can rest assured that their pet will safely remain in the permitted area. Watch the videos on our website to get a better understanding of how our wireless dog fence works.

The Benefits of a Hidden Pet Fence

There are many benefits associated with an electric dog fence. Utah dog owners will have peace of mind knowing that their dog is safe. Although you can buy an over-the-counter hidden fence, UT residents who choose Dog Guard won’t have to worry about installation because Dog Guard’s wireless fence will be installed by our fully trained technicians. Even your neighbors won’t know that you have an electric fence installed because the fence is underground and out of sight. Dog Guard’s hidden dog fence is also veterinarian-approved. As for the control of the electric fence, UT dog owners will receive a transmitter that allows them to turn the fence off or on with a push of a button. The fence can be used with multiple dogs, as long as they all wear a collar with a receiver in it. Whether you have a hard-to-train dog, a dog that weighs less than 10 pounds, or a dog that’s close to 65 pounds, we have a receiver available. You can view some of our products on our website.

Training Your Dog

After you purchase our wireless dog fence and have it installed, you can use it to teach your dog boundaries. The technician will surround the perimeter of the fence with small flags. These flags serve as a visual cue for your dog and tell it that it’s nearing off-limits territory. When you see your dog go near the flags, say “No!” and redirect it to an area where it is allowed to play. Make sure you reward your dog each time you catch it playing in the permitted area because this will encourage the good behavior. Consistently correct it when it goes toward the flags. Over time, your dog will associate the area near the flags with getting reprimanded. It’ll avoid the area just to avoid getting scolded. After about two weeks of consistent training, you can gradually remove the flags. If the training was successful, Utah dog owners will notice that their pet companion isn’t going near the off-limits area anymore.

If you want to keep your dog out of a certain room of your home, or if you need to keep it out of the pool or your flowerbed, install a Dog Guard electric fence. It can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Dog Guard has been in business since 1988. We’re known for our reliable, high-quality, affordable products, and we prioritize your pet’s safety. You don’t have to risk anything by investing in a pet fence because we offer a money-back guarantee.