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Training and Raising a Dog in Washington

To some residents of the West Coast, Washington is the pride of the Northwest. Its rustic topography and rainy climate make sure that its landscape remains majestic throughout the year. Such sights can be tempting for a dog to want to explore on its own, which is why we at Dog Guard offer the very best when it comes to purchasing an underground fence. WA residents and dog owners alike benefit from the installation of our wireless systems. The advantages range from safety to happiness for both you and your pet.

DOG GUARD Hidden Fences

Freedom and greater open spaces are just some of the benefits your dog will experience with an electric fence. Washington residents who install underground fences on their properties can feel safe taking their dogs off of their leashes and trust a pet fence to keep dogs safe within a predefined area. Our fences are reliable, safe, and a great relief from the construction and maintenance of physical fences. Once you arrange an appointment for us to visit your home, we’ll assess your property and dog’s temperament. We’ll advise you of what wireless boundary system is best for your needs and start installing the fence as soon as we get your approval. Installation uses a non-invasive procedure that can keep your lovely yard work intact.

How to Train a Dog

For most dogs, training is simple and begins as soon as we begin to install your new product. During the setup of your wireless dog fence, we’ll use boundary flags to indicate where the non visible perimeter is. While these flags can help you determine how we’re implementing the new system, they also serve as important visual reminders for your dog. The first part of training your pet includes introducing it to these flags. For a few days after installation, we encourage dog owners to walk their pets while on a leash around the perimeter of the fence. If the pet crosses the boundary, the receiver’s warning tone will indicate to the dog that it is approaching an area that is out-of-bounds. Coupled with a verbal correction from you and praise when it returns to the safe area, your pet should quickly comprehend its new limitations within only a couple of days.

The second phase of training includes walking your dog on a leash around your yard, but with its receiver set to dole out electric corrections. When your dog steps into an off-limits zone, it will receive a mild electric correction from its collar. Once again, you should verbally correct your dog and express happiness when it comes back to the safe zone area within the non visible area. WA dog owners can usually expect that their dogs will require another few days of this type of training before cause and effect can be understood.

At around the week-and-a-half mark, pets usually assimilate their lessons and comprehend the parameters of the hidden fence. WA Dog Guard technicians will then suggest that owners take pets off their leashes and allow them to move around yards as they normally would. While assessing a dog’s behavior, our technicians will try to entice a dog to the off-limits side of the fence using items or people that are known to be irresistible to the pet. If the dog does not attempt to cross the boundaries, then full progress has been achieved with training. Many dogs graduate from training in as little as two weeks, but Dog Guard will continue the process should your dog show resistance. We’ll even help you build a customized training plan to help ease it into acceptance of the fence.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our wonderful staff and technicians are standing by to make your experience with Dog Guard products one to remember. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase of an electric pet fence. Washington residents are welcome to initiate the process of a refund if they find that they are not content with our reliable and reputable products. Before concluding that one of our out of sight fences is non-functional, however, please consider that a pet may have an illness, injury, or require a bit of extra guidance from a qualified behavioral specialist. Veterinarians may be able to help address all of these issues before training commences. Like your trusted veterinarian, we’re committed to your furry companion’s safety and happiness. Contact our helpful staff at 1-800-865-0495 to get started with a free quote and instructions on how to buy this smart investment.