Dog Guard of Greater Madison

Owner: Gill, Jeff & Rachel
Phone: (608) 628-2609
Email: rachel@dogguardwi.com
Address: N7115 North Shore Rd Lake Mills WI 53551

Wisconsin Dog Guard

Owner: Evenson, Daren
Phone: (715) 554-7281
Email: wisconsindogguard@gmail.com
Address: 747 155th Street, Amery, WI, 54001

Dog Guard of Central Wisconsin

Owner: Knapp, Dave
Phone: (920) 382-4123
Email: dave@dogguardcentralwi.com
Address: Montello, WI, 53949

Tri State Dog Guard

Owner: Crist, Dennis
Phone: (608) 571-1867
Email: info@tristatedogguard.com
Address: 17249 Meylor Lane, Darlington, WI 53530

Dog Guard of Greater Milwaukee

Owner: Gill, Jeff & Rachel
Phone: (262) 989-2609
Email: rachel@dogguardwi.com
Address: N7115 North Shore Rd Lake Mills WI 53551

Training and Raising a Dog in Wisconsin

If you have a hard time with your dog running off when it’s outdoors, you might think about getting a wireless pet fence. With our electric dog fence, Wisconsin dog owners won’t struggle with keeping their dogs from running off anymore. Our products utilize the latest features in dog training technology on the market right now. Every individual system has its own unique code, guaranteeing that your system will not suffer from outside interference.

When you purchase our out-of-sight wireless dog fence, you’ll see that it works fairly easily. A team of installers will put a small wire underground, which will create the boundaries in your yard for your dog. Your dog will wear a collar with a receiver around its neck, which receives a radio signal to give off a stimulus when your dog approaches the boundaries of the fence. WI dog owners will be happy to know that this collar will not hurt your dog with the stimulation.

When first buying an electric fence, Wisconsin dog owners are advised to train their dogs to get used to it before letting them loose. Before your fence is activated for use, walk your dog around the perimeter of the yard, marked with flags, on its leash. Use commands to let the dog know to stay away from the flags. Once activated officially, your dog’s receiving collar will emit a stimulation to alert it when it gets too close to the fence. Training the dog to get used to it beforehand will make it much easier for the dog to adapt to the wireless fence; WI dog owners will find that it works more effectively that way.

With our hidden fence, WI dogs will be able to become much more well-behaved. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.